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Artwork by Mya Ayo


Jingle Bengal

Get This In Your Head — Confessions Of An Aspiring Jingle Writer

by Kim Tronic, Resident Cocktail Expert + Jingle Writer… It’s happened to all of us. You’re in the shower lathering up or driving to work and you start humming a tune. Then you hum louder and bob your head. Before you know it, you’re screaming “Fresh goes better with Mentos,

May 29, 2015



Like Tears in Rain: How Sci-Fi Series Go All to Hell

by Freddy J. Nager, Founder of Atomic Tango + Still Hurtin’ Firefly Flan… When “Battlestar Galactica” concluded, some fans lamented that the series had to end, but others were thrilled that it departed on a good note. Compare that to the fans of “Lost,” who screamed “WTF?!” after its later

May 19, 2015
Sign on "The Walking Dead" writers' room.
Who Dat? Nation


Reed Hastings

Brilliant Jerks? Bring ‘Em On! (And Why I Hate The Term “Team Player”)

LinkedIn’s wall is degenerating fast. It used to focus on careers and business discussions. Now it’s becoming Facebook, complete with people playing games and inspirational quote posters. For example, I recently came across this poster of Reed Hastings, who built a mighty empire in Netflix, but who could have used

April 10, 2015
Zombies by Shane Clester


People of Walmart

Fashion Real: The One-Stop Shop — Isn’t Anything Sacred Anymore?

by Raegan Thurlow, Part-Time Fashionista… A girl’s prom: strapless bras, glittery eye shadow, unmet expectations, and cheesy photographs. My prom: I think there was some dancing, and I’m sure there was some Mudslide mix (tastes like candy, makes boys more approachable). Prom dresses should never be: sheer, covered in sequins,

May 31, 2015
Made In China
illustration by Mark Armstrong
Denny's Maple Bacon Sundae


Daywalker Martini

For Those Who Refuse To Burn, We Salute You: The Daywalker Lemonade

by Kim Tronic, Resident Cocktail Connoisseur… If you live in L.A., you most likely react to “tourist traps” by rolling your eyes, emitting a small groan, and vowing to never get stuck in the honeytrap of 3-hour traffic jams. (Also see: the Walk of Fame, Disneyland, or Muscle Beach.) But

June 12, 2015
Crying Tiger

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