Atomic Tango New Year

31 December 2017

Atomic Tango: New Year, New Opportunities

2018 isn’t just a new year — it marks the beginning of Atomic Tango’s second decade. And we can only imagine what’s coming next.

When we launched in the year ‘007 as a marketing agency serving startups, we never imagined that we’d become a multi-faceted media company:

  • A blog for creative professionals with over 300 articles and 200,000 views to date.
  • A consulting service specializing in marketing forensics.
  • An incubator of new ventures, starting with the cat-inspired lifestyle brand Marcy Very Much.
  • A partner in The Influencer Code — the insider’s guide to influencer marketing.

Now we’re kicking off our 11th year with a new agency partnership (details to come) and a book (or three) by founder Freddy J. Nager.

But none of this would be remotely interesting without you. THANK YOU for checking us out, even if this is just your first time here. We’d love to get to know you even better — drop us a line and tell us what actions and adventures you’re anticipating in this new year!

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