bond_silhouetteIt all came together in 2007 — or as we like to say, the year ‘007.

While up in Silicon Valley, former Saatchi & Saatchi advertising pro Freddy J. Nager met several entrepreneurs who wanted his help with both strategy and creativity. Freddy had just earned his MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship from USC, so these offers perfectly matched his ambitions.

Freddy returned to L.A. and launched an agency that combined the creativity of an ad boutique with the strategy of a management consultancy. The mission: stir the imagination and leave the competition shaken.

Did we mention it was the year ‘007?

Freddy dubbed this venture Atomic Tango — “Tango” referring to the dance between creativity and strategy (“it takes two…”), and “Atomic” evoking the mid-century modern era, when his father worked in public relations… and Sean Connery was the best Bond ever.

At the same time, Freddy started teaching marketing and blogging, which helped attract more clients, from a solar power company to a celebrity nutritionist.

Cruising Attitude: Modern Times

Atomic Tango has since evolved from an agency into a brand. ¡Viva la evolucion!

The company consists of a number of services and divisions, including a publishing wing and a new ventures incubator, while the blog has grown into an online zine and podcast for creative professionals — martini recipes included.

Freddy is currently teaching in the Master of Communication Management program at USC, guest lectures for various organizations (mostly recently the American Marketing Association New Orleans), and is working on two books.

And that’s just a start for Atomic Tango. With our 10th anniversary this year, we’re planning even more ways to stir the imagination and leave the competition shaken.

Want to join us as a client or collaborator? Just drop us a line…