Sometimes The Product Is Just An Excuse: When Brands Come First

Marketing 101
photo by Phichet9707 via Wikimedia Commons

In the marketing version of chicken-and-egg, we marketers love to endlessly debate which should come first… keep reading

Once More With Feeling: Social Media Marketing Is A Waste Of Time


Add another voice to the growing chorus of marketers stating the inconvenient truth — a truth that social media cheerleaders still refuse to acknowledge: When it comes to marketing brands, social media is a colossal
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Report: Disney Pulls “Into The Woods” From Theaters In Response To Wolf Calls


Disney Corporation has canceled all screenings of the fairy tale movie Into The Woods in the wake of threats from an organization calling itself Wolves Incensed by Lupine Defamation (WILD).* WILD repeatedly called Disney’s phones
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If This Is Advertising “Effectiveness,” What Is Failure?

Case Studies
Samsung Ad Effectiveness - Not What It's Cracked Up To Be

Add “effective” to the list of marketing terms that no longer mean anything, alongside “authentic,” “leader,” “revolutionary,” “disruptive” and “engagement.” According to a misdirected study by research firm Ace Metrix, in 2014 Samsung reportedly had
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¡Viva la Evolución! Atomic Tango Does The Pivot

Atomic Tango News

The other day a journalist interviewed me about “pivoting.” In case you missed the business-speak memo, “pivoting” means “changing direction” — it just sounds more athletic and deliberate than, “We changed our minds, alright?” It
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Brilliant Jerks? Bring ‘Em On! (And Why I Hate The Term “Team Player”)

Reed Hastings

LinkedIn’s wall is degenerating fast. It used to focus on careers and business discussions. Now it’s becoming Facebook, complete with people playing games and inspirational quote posters. For example, I recently came across this poster
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Amazon Dash: Put A Little Scan In Your Content Marketing Plan

Random Observations

Just what you haven’t been waiting for…

“Who the hell would want that — even though it’s free?”

That’s what I first thought when I saw the Amazon Dash: a combo barcode-scanner and voice-decoder that lets you order food from AmazonFresh without a computer. keep reading

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