¡Viva la Evolución! Atomic Tango Does The Pivot

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The other day a journalist interviewed me about “pivoting.” In case you missed the business-speak memo, “pivoting” means “changing direction” — it just sounds more athletic and deliberate than, “We changed our minds, alright?” It
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Brilliant Jerks? Bring ‘Em On! (And Why I Hate The Term “Team Player”)

Reed Hastings

LinkedIn’s wall is degenerating fast. It used to focus on careers and business discussions. Now it’s becoming Facebook, complete with people playing games and inspirational quote posters. For example, I recently came across this poster
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Amazon Dash: Put A Little Scan In Your Content Marketing Plan

Random Observations

Just what you haven’t been waiting for…

“Who the hell would want that — even though it’s free?”

That’s what I first thought when I saw the Amazon Dash: a combo barcode-scanner and voice-decoder that lets you order food from AmazonFresh without a computer. keep reading

Introducing the Ultimate Social Network: Fatter+

Random Observations
LinkedIn junk

And posting drivel like this on LinkedIn is hardly working.

Apparently, the leading social networks have given up on innovation. Now they just gaze covetously at each other’s “best practices.” keep reading

“Authentically” Wrong: More Abuse of the A-Word


The other day I saw a billboard for a food company. I don’t remember the brand or the product (total ad fail), but I do remember the tagline: “Real Authentic Taste.” And I immediately thought, what the hell does that mean? keep reading

Waiting To Get Hit Isn’t An Option: An Ode To Risk Takers In Marketing

Not a best practice. (Photo by Albert Yau via Wikimedia Commons.)

Not a best practice. (Photo by Albert Yau via Wikimedia Commons.)

I was the world’s worst little league baseball player.

I’ve always had the hand-eye coordination of a sponge, so I couldn’t hit and I couldn’t catch. (Too bad this study on baseball science wasn’t around then.) I didn’t even like baseball — watching people stand around and spit didn’t meet my standards of entertainment. And yet I joined my junior high team simply because all my friends were doing it.

Sounds like a drug, right? Or social media… (You see where this is heading.) keep reading

The Walking Dead: The Only Thing Missing Is Fear Itself

Media Review
Sign on "The Walking Dead" writers' room.

Like millions of Americans, I love the adrenaline-fueled rush of a good scare … provided it comes via a screen. (I don’t think most of us plan to explore the jungles of the Congo on our own anytime soon.)

Unfortunately, most American horror movies and TV shows indulge more in torture and gore than actual chills and thrills. Or they resort to “Boo!” tactics (loud noises and things jumping out of the darkness), which make me jump but not break into goosebumps. They’re just not fundamentally scary. That’s why I found myself mostly immune to the series “American Horror” (think “torture porn meets the CW”) and even last year’s acclaimed ghost flick, “The Conjuring.”

My latest quest for chills is binge-watching “The Walking Dead” (yes, I’m a very late adopter). And while I do find much of it entertaining, after just 1 1/2 seasons, I’m wondering whether it’s worth surviving, or whether I should opt out. Here are some of the issues that have haunted me… keep reading

I dig my American Express card. Really. It enables me to buy pallets of cat litter at Costco, which won’t accept any credit card except AmEx. It extends warranties, so when my MacBook fried after the initial warranty expired (how predictable), AmEx paid for the repair. And when it comes to online security, I trust no card more than AmEx.

So why’d they have to go treat me like a 13-year-old? keep reading

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