by Freddy J. Nager, Founder of Atomic Tango LLC

It must suck to be powerful.

I’m planning what kind of image I should have of myself here on my site. Since I picture myself as an action star (in a Woody Allen way), I researched how Hollywood was depicting its leading studs this summer. What I saw wasn’t encouraging. Indeed, I didn’t know if I was looking at action-movie posters or mugshots from the Beverly Hills P.D. Apparently, the heroic pose du jour is full emo: look moody and gaze at your navel. If these are superheroes, who needs villains? See for yourself…

Captain America

Go ahead, run around a battlefield carrying a target and see how you feel.


Forget Valhalla — get me some Valium.

Conan the Barbarian

It just hit me that I'm going to be governor of California someday.

Cowboys and Aliens

I said we got an illegal alien problem in these here parts, but did anyone believe me? Nooo...

Puss In Boots

Of course I look inexplicably intense and grumpy. I'm a cat.

Pirates of the Caribbean

I know, I know, it's a Disney family movie based on a theme park ride and my character is supposed to be comedic, but I'm still thinking about my reviews in "The Tourist." At least I'm looking up.

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