16 July 2017

Now Playing: The Atomic Tango Marketing Podcast

Want a fast, free audio fix of marketing, media and mischief?

Hosted by Atomic Tango founder and professor Freddy J. Nager, each episode of our new podcast features 20 minutes of insights into what’s happening in marketing — including what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s completely out of control.

Plus, you might get a handy cocktail recipe to polish it off.

Check out the episodes to date:

Episode 1: Who Cares About Social Media Outrage? + Why Twitter Is A SWOT (Silly Waste Of Time) + What’s Wrong With American Retail? (The Question)


Episode 2: What’s Wrong With American Retail (The Answer) + What To Drink This Summer


The podcast is produced by Post Haste Media, with the theme song courtesy of the ultimate L.A. band, The Blue Agave.

We hope you’ll enjoy it and tell everyone you know. And some people you don’t know.

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