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Time To Go Pro: Hire Atomic Tango To Write And Manage Your Corporate Blog

Atomic Tango Blogging

Let’s talk about experience!… well, maybe not that much.

Most organizations would never trust anyone but an experienced professional to create their full page ad in the Wall Street Journal or commercial during the Super Bowl. Yet many still entrust their blogs to junior personnel or interns, even though one miscue could embroil their brands in a viral controversy.

Time to clean up that strategy.

The Atomic Tango team consists of highly educated writers with extensive business experience and expertise in marketing (including search engine optimization). We know that everything we create for ourselves and our clients must meet three criteria:

  1. Brand: Every expression must support and enhance the company brand. No exceptions. (Being “edgy” should never undermine one’s reputation.) Every blog post must build trust in the organization, differentiate it from the competition, and provide value to the audience.
  2. Buzz: Everyone wants to “go viral” or get mentioned by influencers and major media outlets. While there are no guarantees, there are strategies to attract attention and encourage sharing.
  3. Behavior: Every marketing effort must ultimately lead to bottom-line activity. This could be sales, registrations, applications, or elections — depending on the organization’s mission — but in all cases it involves clear calls-to-action, a sense of urgency, and response metrics.

Without applying these 3B’s to blogging, you’ll have what we in the industry call a “complete waste of time.” Or worse.

Our blogging services start at $2000/month and include the following:

  • 1 blog post per week for a total of 4 per month (minimum 500 words)
  • managing post feedback, including monitoring for for spammers and trolls
  • integrating on-site SEO tactics
  • measuring short-term and long-term impact of posts

To get started, simply contact us.