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Posted On March 6, 2016By Freddy J. NagerIn Media

Ask Freddy: What Books Can Help Me Write?

Q: Dear Freddy: Can you recommend any books that would help me with writing techniques for marketing? Or does your writing come mostly through a lot of practice? — KC at USCRead More
by Freddy J. Nager, Founder of Atomic Tango LLC + Business Lit Taste Tester… Seth Godin’s book Meatball Sundae lives up to its name: it’s a big mess. I won’t fully review an old publication here, but the following two paragraphs made me want to hurl the book against the wall (or just hurl). On pages 68-69, Godin writes about the superiority of “permission marketing” versus “interruption marketing”: “ used every tactic they could find — TV ads, sock puppets, and accelerated e-mail marketing with a veil of permission. TheyRead More
McDonald's Double Cheeseburger

Posted On March 14, 2010By Freddy J. NagerIn Marketing, Media

Pullin’ a Godin: Behold the Cheeseburger POV

by Freddy J. Nager, Founder of Atomic Tango LLC + Practicing Metaphor Engineer… Looks like it’s over for us marketing strategists. Now I’m not saying that there’s no more need for marketing strategy; if you look at the anemic brands of most banks, airlines, and Web 2.0 startups, you’ll see that the need for marketing is growing faster than Rush Limbaugh at a cheesecake bake-off. But the opportunity to develop a revolutionary new marketing strategy may have passed. Sure, we marketers can still develop new tactics based on new mediumsRead More