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Posted On April 16, 2008By Freddy Tran NagerIn Media

Dan Neil: Your Automotive Word Slut

by Freddy J. Nager, Found of Atomic Tango + Former Automotive Ad Writer If you lust after cars like I do, then the writer you need to read — yes, NEED — is Dan Neil of the L.A. Times. Even if you don’t care about cars, you’ll love his column, “Rumble Seat.” As a former writer for Toyota, Nissan & Infiniti, I relish every syllable…Read More
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Posted On April 12, 2008By Freddy Tran NagerIn Marketing

Say Vhat?! Do the People Want a VW with a German Accent?

by Freddy J. Nager, Founder of Atomic Tango LLC + Husband of VW Beetle Owner… He sits there before his microphone, round and retro, emanating the cuteness that made him an icon in America. On this occasion, he’s decked out in somber black, though he’s usually seen in the wild dressed like a jelly bean. And then he speaks… And out comes the voice of a German man. And he’s saying, “I know vhat ze people vant.” Yeah, right… I usually applaud and bow down before the work of adRead More