We started out consulting entrepreneurs. Now we’re launching ventures of our own:

The Influencer CodeThe Influencer Code

This collaboration between YouTube star/consultant Amanda Russell and Atomic Tango founder/professor Freddy J. Nager explores both sides of the influencer marketing trend: How to identify, hire, and manage influencers to support your marketing, and how to become an influencer yourself (imagine being a celebrity in your field…). The Influencer Code encompasses a book, courses, customized workshops, and more.


Marcy Very MuchMarcy Very Much

Created by writer/actor Cynthia Mance, Marcy Very Much is an online lifestyle magazine featuring conversations between Cynthia and her moody cat Marcy about fashion, felines, and fun cat happenings. Marcy Very Much also carries its own line of branded accessories — including the infamous “Hell No Kitty” totes and pouches — sold online and at festive events in Los Angeles, including CatConLA.