Kevin "Nalts" Nalty

23 September 2009

Kevin “Nalts” Nalty: The Stupidest Article About Social Media Ever

Veteran YouTuber Kevin “Nalts” Nalty just let loose his take on social media. He calls his article “The Stupidest,” but we found it way more insightful than most of the tripe posing as social media advice.

It also came on a day when many Twitterphiles were twitterbating about Tony Robbins at their conference. Yes, that’s right, self-help evangelists and social media junkies in one room together: the apocalypse is nigh. Break out the roach motels.

Anyway, here’s Nalts. Indulge…

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4 Responses

  1. Goodness that article is brilliant!

  2. Even in 2017 this article is poetically horrible -the author

    • retro

      I love that it got a comment from Nalts in 2017! Great to hear from you!

      I wonder how many companies went out of business for not being on Twitter and Facebook? I think somewhere between none and zero…

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